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Review : Manipulating the List ( The Immortal Companion #1 )

Manipulating the List ( The Immortal Companion #1 )
Author: K.B. Lever
Publication date: July 11th, 2012
Genre: YA Fiction Paranormal/Fantasy
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Katherine Sheppard is the exception to the rule. That is, as long as she continues to run from the law; murder innocent people; and manipulate the Collector’s List…

Shouldn’t be hard, right?

Since the tender age of six, Katherine has always loved to hear Jonathan’s nightly stories about tracking, stalking, and collecting his victims. She’s even had the privilege of watching souls transition into the afterlife, led by the hand of the Collector to their paths where angels or demons escort them home. It has been an unwavering friendship that has flourished for sixteen years. That is, until an unexplainable twist in circumstances causes Katherine’s name to appear on the Collector’s List.

Oh, but do not mistake this as an end, this is just the beginning. Katherine refuses to hand over her soul quietly and Jonathan will stand beside his friend, feeling the bitter sting of helplessness as he realizes that he might possibly be the cause of her demise. So now a new relationship unfolds between them, one of checks and balances, hints, clues, and mysteries, where the two, despite their now forbidden friendship, will work together to manipulate the List.

But just as resolute, the law won’t stand idly by as Katherine assists in the deaths of others. Every form of law enforcement is preparing to conduct a global manhunt to bring her to justice. Nor will the Creator of the List tolerate a friendship that goes completely against his rules. The collections continue to increase in difficulty, pushing Katherine into an irreversible life of crime where the only possibility of escape is her own death. Yet Katherine, as impassionedly determined as a trapped animal trying to escape its captor, will stay the course in her fight to overcome Heaven, Hell, earth and … the Collector.

Received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Manipulating the List is the story of Katherine and Jonathan.  A story about the weird friendship between a boy who collects souls based on a list and the one girl who could manipulate the list when her own name sneaks into it.

I actually enjoyed reading about Katherine's childhood and how she befriends Jonathan aka The Collector. But the story soon begins to fall. I started losing interest in the collections taking place. But soon it starts picking up when Katherine is supposed to hunt down a couple and their unborn baby. Oookkaay.

We figure out who is to be collected and how the collections take place. And she soon finds her way to Australia tracking yet another victim on the list lest she herself becomes the next one to die.

The premise for the book is really intriguing. Becoming friends with the guy who you watch collecting your aunt's soul? Yeah, I'd definitely run the other way.
The cover could do some changing. Sadly I'm one of those people who is influenced by a pretty cover. *hangs head in shame*.

The story has continuous highs and low's not really holding my attention. The introduction of the love interest in the second half perked my interest and had me reading though it could have been a little more developed.

What I loved :
  • Jonathan's story.
  • Jennifer and the collection.
  • Liam, Katherine Aussie beau.
  • The ending of the story.

There were a few missteps but there are always going to be highs and lows in anything but for a debut novel, this one is certainly promising.

Rating: 3.5 Quills

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