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Tour Review : Catherine's Cross

Catherins's Cross
Author: Millie West
Publication date: May 17th , 2013
Published by: Boutique of Quality Books
Edition: E-book
Purchase from: Amazon / B&N / BQB publishing

When Jenks Ellington experiences a sudden, alarming sense of panic about her identical twin sister Gigi, she has to wait until nearly midnight before learning the reason for her unease: Gigi has drowned while diving for artifacts in a Low Country river near Beaufort, South Carolina. Although Beaufort County detective Seth Mason is suspicious of Gigi’s diving partner, there is no evidence of foul play. But, when Gigi’s Port Royal home is broken into and ransacked, Jenks discovers two clues—one of which leads her to the home of a local Gullah medium.

In a painstaking search for answers, Jenks delves more deeply into her twin’s life. Along the way, her bond with Detective Mason reaches unexpected depths. And what secrets could medium Meta Jane be holding? Was Gigi’s death really an accident?

A very short review and pretty to point review this time.

This book had a slow start for me. A bit too slow really. But once the story picks up, it sure captured and held my attention.

I found that Catherine's Cross had a good balance of suspense and romance. Though I felt that even the romance bits seemed a bit slow at first, which is good ofcourse since I am not a fan of insta-love. But this one is more about suspense and about Gigi's death than it could ever be about romance.

 Too much of either and the story would not have flowed like it did. I thoroughly enjoyed the dialect used, it just ushered me into the feel of the south which I adored. And gosh isn't that cover so tasteful yet pretty!?

I really enjoyed the suspense of this book but the really slow beginning put me off for a while and I had to force myself to carry on and read it. Therefore I give it 3.5 quills. That does not mean you shouldn't go ahead and pick this up, in fact you have to! This is a great 4 star read. I'm just being way to nit-picky ;)

Rating: 3.5 Quills

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