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Tour Review : Mortimus Walker & the Secret of The White City

Moortimus Walker And the Secret of The White City
Author: Zach Turner
Publication date: May 20th , 2013
Genre: Sci-Fi
Edition: E-book
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Morty is a One.  He's been laboring his entire life, but finally it's his sixtieth birthday.  Time for him to retire his old body and travel up through the clouds to the White City where he'll begin his new life as a One-Two.  He'll be given a new body and anything he wants as reward for his service.  But once Processing begins, things don't go exactly as planned.  Can Morty figure out the secret before he is lost in the System all over again?

Received as part of a Blog Tour !

This was certainly a pleasant surprise.. I wasn't aware when I volunteered to read this that this was to be a short story. I wish there was more for me to read! But then again I don't think there could be much more to it, but it would be greater if there was more. Am I even making any sense?

The whole book is about Mortimus Walker, a One and the arrival of his sixtieth birthday when at last he will leave behind his life of hard labour and reap the reward of giving back to his society. A second life without hardship or labour reaping the his much deserved life of freedom.

The world is run on a One-Two system. There's the One's who work for all of there life just giving and giving to their society , living on only basic amenities waiting for the next life that awaits them, their fruit of their hard labour. Then we have the Two's who live above the cloud of pollution that the One's see, in White City where they never work, and live as they wish in luxury.
The One's after finishing there life below then go on to live a life of fulfillment up in White City.

A very interesting concept that was cut short as it is after all a short story. But that ending.. Zach Turner! They do not deserve that! I had a premonition that something is just going to go wrong. But that end was just wow.

On the basis of a short story this ought to get 4 quills. But there was still something that left me wishing more. So here's me being a nit-picky brat with 3.5 stars. Science-fiction fans are bound to enjoy this! :D

Rating: 3.5 Quills 

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