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Tour Review : A Healing Love

A Healing Love
Author: Tara Chevrestt
Publication date: May 2013
Genre: Romance
Edition: E-book
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Kimberly Rogers vowed to fight a tragic past the only way  she knew how: she joined the Army and became strong. No  man would hurt her again. But a war wound sends her to her brother's in Cripple Creek, WY, with vision and hearing impairments.

Where as glasses can help her see and hearing aids can help her hear, nothing can force her to talk again. Is she really unable to speak, or is she hiding behind her disability to protect herself, her pride, and her heart? Regulated to the most menial of jobs, her world in shambles, Kimberly is finally convinced to seek medical assistance.

Carlos Medina is Jackson Hole's best therapist. If anyone can make Kimberly speak again, it's him. But Kimberly has to meet him halfway, and Carlos has his own past tragedy that the young, mute woman threatens to force him to conquer.

They both have wounds…and sometimes wounds must be reopened before they can heal. Can they open up to each other? Can Kimberly find her voice again and open her heart? Can love heal them both?

Received as part of a Blog Tour !

Kimberly is severely injured during her service in the Army in Iraq, by an IED that explodes close to her. It is her duty to guard the convoy delivering much needed medical supplies when upon hearing no response from her team members, she steps out to investigate why the convoy had stopped. She is soon met with a whimpering dog by the side of the road and Kimberly cannot bear to see the suffering animal and bends low to talk to it soothingly. She finally realizes, albeit a bit too late, that the dog IS the IED.

Kimberly finds herself heading to Wyoming to stay with her brother so she can recuperate. When she arrives, Kimberly hasn't spoken since her injury, she has experienced a loss in vision and hearing capabilities. Upon constant coaxing by her brother Kimberly finally decides to see a therapist. And here enters Carlos Medina.

Carlos wasn't expecting the petite, simple and pretty girl who needed her help. Kimberly certainly didn't expect therapy to go so well till she saw Carlos. The story goes on to show us how Kimberly lets go of her fears and doubts and rises to the occasion. How Carlos and Kimberly help each other overcome each other's tragic pasts and move forward.

A really good book with a few parts that went a little low. But then again every book has one. It was lovely to read about how the two help each other overcome each other's obstacles and doubts all the while falling for each other.

Rating: 3.5 Quills

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