Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Harry Potter Moment of the Week #3

This is a meme hosted by Leah Woods over at Uncorked Thoughts. The aim of this meme is to share with fellow bloggers a character, spell, chapter, object or quote from the books/ films/ J. K. Rowling herself or anything Potter related!  This weeks is:

Favorite Moment from Book 1

Diagon Alley 

I'm not really sure, since I love absolutely everything from the first book. Harry and us readers too getting introduced to the wizarding world. Whats not to love? 

If I had to choose I'd choose Harry's first look at Diagon Alley. All the people rushing about in robes, all those intriguing stores, owls, frogs, broomsticks, Gringotts! We're just starting to view all the fantastical-ness (I hope that's a word...) ourselves through Harry ofcourse.

So yeah, other than that there's the scene where Harry is baffled by Platform 9 3/4 and Hagrid leaves him hanging! There's the bit where Hermione goes "It's Leviosa, not Leviosaar" and Ron replies............. .Oh I could go on and on with moments, so I better stop before I start describing each scene in detail..

post signatureSo there you go! What's your favorite moment from the Philosopher's Stone?

Image courtesy: thegryffindorseeker (Tumblr)


  1. Awww yay! Love this moment too. It's so hard to pick just one moment isn't it :)

  2. Aaaaaamzaing pick! I looooved this part in the movie, when it all opened up before Harry. Absolutely amazing, and so many things! I'd love to visit it myself!

  3. Oooh. Another fantastic Book One moment. I feel like all Potterheads' reactions would be just like Harry's with our first time through Diagon Alley. So magical and lovely. Nice pick!

  4. I picked this moment too!


  5. OMG I also picked this moment!!! It is a wonderful moment... I would die to be in Diagon Alley shopping for all kinds of fun things!


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    1. You should join in if you wish to! I'm sure Leah over at Uncorked thoughts would love for you to join. More the merrier really. It's a weekly meme done every Thursday. She even has the topics up in advance. :)

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