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Review - Lonely Souls ( Witch Avenue #1 )

Author: Karice Bolton
Genre: YA Paranormal
Publication Date: June 24,2012
Cover Source: Goodreads
Kindle Edition

It’s two weeks before Triss turns 18, and her world is about to change into the most magical one imaginable as she readies herself to enter The Witch Avenue Order... that is until her mother’s disappearance. Instead of celebrating her transformation, she finds herself spreading rose petals into her mother’s empty grave.  When Logan, her best friend from junior high, moves back to town for college, he vows to help her find the answers she so desperately seeks surrounding her mother’s disappearance. As they begin uncovering clues, it becomes apparent that the life of white magic they both grew up loving is not what the majority practices, and their lives are in danger.With a haunting feeling that her mother may still be alive, she begins to hear a call to the wilderness. Triss realizes that in order to find the answers she needs, she must learn the ways of her ancestors and become the hunter, not the hunted before it’s too late, and she becomes part of the lonely souls.

Having not read the Watcher's series, this is my first Karice Bolton book. I had ceased to read books about mostly anything to do with witches and witch-craft. Why? I have no idea whatsoever. I adore witches, and spells and magic. So after a long break from witches here I am with the Witch Avenue series.

Why did I pick this up? Just look at the synopsis and the cover! Gorgeous. The characters are well written and I took a liking to Triss. I'm glad the author did not make her seem like an overly confident know-it-all nor was she the under-dog.
Triss is a master of her own abilities but still has a lot more to learn. She also does let her crush on Logan overtake her priorities and thoughts. One things for certain, she's no Bella.

Oh lets talk about swoon-worthy Logan shall we? He is the all-round perfect guy. He's been in love with Triss ever since he's known her, but is willing to wait for her. And specializes in defensive magic. Looks, skill he's got it. I just adored the romance between these two.

I also loved the cliffhanger-less ending and the different view of witches provided in the story. Though I am not sure if the witches are generally accepted and known by all or they are a secret society.

Coming to what I didn't like:

  • The extent of Plot. 

          The book though interesting at the beginning and as much as it surely picks up pace at the end, falls a little short in the middle. The book starts shifting more towards paranormal romance. While the romance definitely was good, I do wish there was more action in there than just at the end.

  • Witch-lore 

          I would have loved to read more about the history of the different families and covens, anything. I wanted more insight into the world of white and dark magic.

Overall a really good read, but nothing that leaves you pondering over the end.

Rating : 3 Quills

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