Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Brand New Year!!

Welcome 2013! The new year has begun as of today and with a whole new year in our sights, how do we know if something new is coming our way or if it is just going to be the same ? Well, it certainly depends on us doesn’t it? It is up to us to bring about a change, we can’t just sit still etc. Etc. Heard it all before haven’t you?  Well easier said than done is very true, but obviously the first step certainly does matter.
And on that note here’s my step to FINALLY creating a blog! My first post!

Woot! Woot!

After deliberating on and off, since God knows how long, I have at-last taken that thought further and implemented it. I love reading, I have always wanted to share my opinions, thoughts, fan girling rants *wink*  with people and not all of my friends were always so enthusiastic about continuously discussing about books and book characters (though we did do that quite a lot). And after endless thoughts of “I will write a blog one day”, that day has finally come! 

Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with all of you.. Suggestions and
constructive criticism are welcome, I'm here to learn :)

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