About the Blog

 So what is this blog really about? 
 What ran through my mind as I chose a name for my first ever blog?
Here's where I tell you all about it.

The Smell Of Parchment is a blog where I post reviews of books I've recently read, talk about books that I'm highly anticipating or excited about and just talk about anything that I come across in life that is even remotely connected in some way to............Books!!

That's right. I am an avid reader of the Young Adult genre (my favorite in fact) , thus those are the kind of books I will be reviewing, with any New Adult books that might make their way towards me.

What's in a name?

Now why did I name this blog the name I named it? (sounds kinda like a tongue twister eh? sorta) Because  I just H-E-A-R-T the smell of  books! New ones, not so new ones, old ones I love 'em all. Maybe with the exception of  e-books. Don't really get any smell off of that, unless you're sniffing a tablet/laptop.

"The Smell of Parchment", why not scent ? Does not The 'Scent' of Parchment sound better than using the word 'Smell' ??
Well in answer to that, The Smell of Parchment was the first thing that came to my mind! Yes, many have told me "Doesn't scent sound better than smell? If you did get it into your head why didn't you use that?!!"

Truth be told after of deliberation the first thing to come to mind was "Smell" not "Scent", therefore the name.

So check this blog out and any comments, suggestions, helpful critique on any matter on this blog is most welcome! I'd love to learn from you all.

Contact me at :  thesmellofparchment[at]gmail[dot]com

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  1. Thanks for the follow and I am following you! I love the name of your blog! I like YA books as well but tend to read a whole plethora books (and I always feel odd walking into the YA section of a book store at times).. :) Cant wait to read more of your blog!

    And nothing beats the smell of books, especially old ones :)