Monday, 22 April 2013

And I'm back !

Hello blogoverse!

After more than a week of barely blogging, no online activity and one Teaser Tuesday post with no follow-up, I am finally back on The Smell of Parchment.

Why did I ignore this blog you ask? Well the first week, it was just a shitty internet connection. The modem dies, the connection on my phone isn't any better and my friends live too far away for me to be back home before granddad and grandma start to worry. So what happens? Total isolation (from the internet ofcourse).

While as week two was more of a calamity for my family. My grandma moved on from this world for a hopefully better one, early morning last Friday. So what with all of my huge extended family coming together under one roof and the obvious fact that my ever present, ever talkative grandma wasn't around anymore, I couldn't really bring myself to do anything other than mope around and just sit and stare and cry with everyone else.

So here I am back again, trying to make up for 2 weeks of lost time. I might still not be able to post as often but hey, let's start with a little. So I've got pending reviews, got to think up a few interview questions and prepare for my tests. Yeah.... Going to be a couple of busy 2 months. :)

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  1. I'm so sorry about your grandma. (((hugs))) Welcome back to the blogosphere!

    1. Thanks so much Monika! Needed the hug. :)